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Pipeline Vocal Project 2021 by Hannah Kahlman - Artist Writer Photographer wwwhannahkahlma


Award-winning, internationally touring, Alaskan vocal group is looking for a New Member!


The page contains an overview of the general audition information and what the position entails


Position Start-Date: Approx. April 20th, 2024 (Flexible)
Application Deadline: Sunday, December 31st 2023
Audition Information: Successful applicants will be invited to a callback.
Callback Dates: February 2024, Exact Dates TBD. 

Date/Location may be dependent on applicant’s location.


We are looking for a female vocalist with a very versatile range and performance ability.

Pipeline Vocal Project is a vocal trio with worldwide touring experience that travels to unique and impactful places, including Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and within the United States. 

PVP is a trio made up of versatile singers with a wide variety of skill sets. The group covers many different types of genres, eras, and arrangement styles. 


We are looking for innovative artists who want to help build this group and propel it into a new era by adding their unique artistry, voice and business ideas. 


The group is based in Anchorage, Alaska and would likely require the new member to relocate or commute, but we welcome all applicants to apply. 


Remuneration will directly relate to the number of engagements undertaken and the profits acquired from said engagements. Pay is distributed equally between the group members and the business itself. PVP members are all currently full-time. 


  • Versatile soloist and fearless stage presence.

  • Comfortable with choreography, has the ability to move well on stage

  • Great intonation, wide range, can sing with a variety of styles and blend in an ensemble, both with & without vibrato

  • Able to learn music from memory quickly and accurately
    Sight reading is not part of the audition and is not essential for the position

  • Strong crowd work ability. (Speaking to the audience between songs)

  • Comfortable with frequent travel

  • Team player mentality

  • Positive attitude both on & off stage


  • Vocal Percussion abilities

  • Proficient in another language

  • A Cappella experience

  • Arranging experience 

  • Workshop/Teaching experience 

  • Dancing experience 

  • Tech Skills (Audio, Video, Social Media, etc.) 

  • Willing to relocate to Alaska

  • Desire to take on creative and business responsibilities

Pipeline Vocal Project is strongly welcoming applicants from a broad range of backgrounds, cultures and musical traditions. We encourage anyone to apply who will bring energy into the next stage of the group’s journey! 

Feel free to contact us with any questions:


(The link to the application form is a the bottom of this page)


You will be asked for:

  • Your name & contact info

  • A recent headshot/photo

  • A short cover paragraph (<300 characters.)

    • (Bio, what drives you, etc. We want to get a sense of who you are and why you are interested in PVP!)

  • An up-to-date CV including relevant musical & business experience/skills.

  • Social media links & Reel (Optional)

  • 1 video recording (See information below)


The audio files do not need to be high quality. 

  • A phone recording is absolutely fine, as long as we can hear you clearly. 

  • All recordings should be a cappella, without backing tracks.

  • We really want to hear your natural voice rather than something that has been mixed or produced.

  • Recordings that have been tuned, or heavily produced will be discarded. Please ensure your recordings are an accurate representation.


Name Your files

Please record all of the following and submit as one video, labeled as “Your Name - PVP Audition” in the form of a link.


Song Choice

  • Please submit 2 unedited, unaccompanied, non-classical song of your choosing that best showcases the type of singer you are and your solo capabilities.

  • Please choose one upbeat song and one mid tempo or ballad

  • Feel free to move around and display your abilities as a performer. No longer than a minute or so (roughly a verse & chorus).


Vocal Percussion (Optional) 

Please include an unedited, unaccompanied, recording of a short (30 seconds or so) demonstration of your vocal precision skills.

Tip: We are looking for ability to keep time, agility and versatility. 

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