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Our Mission

We strive to not only promote a cappella in Alaska but to also connect with as many people as possible. Music, and more specifically vocal music, is one of the best ways to do this.


The raw-ness of vocal music has incredible power. It encourages us to be vulnerable with our body and voice which then allows us to communicate, to inspire and to create.


There is so much potential for this in Alaska and we hope to inspire more vocal groups to pop up and grow.


We believe it is more important than ever to ensure Alaska's music scene still thrives and creates opportunity for singers of all ages. 

Pipeline Vocal Project takes well-known songs and re-mixes them to bring a fresh new perspective to the audience. Off stage, we strive to carry that same energy into classrooms and organizations to help musicians and vocalists grow. In the end, we believe anyone can benefit from what a cappella has to offer.

Workshop Inquiries
Contact us regarding workshops, school shows and other educational programs.

Lisa Hawkins


1/2 – 2 Hours

  • A Cappella Singing

  • Performance Masterclass

  • Beatbox Instruction 

  • Performance and Movement

  • Cultural Outreach & Performance

A short clinic-style workshop is perfect for reaching many people quickly in the name of introduction, performance and vocal percussion. With an immersive experience into the world of a cappella, the size of the group is best suited to under 20. Workshops are lively, participatory and can be catered for all age groups and levels. 

Objective: introduce the art of a cappella and help develop or improve skills such as vocal percussion, movement, and musical expression. 

Full Day

4 – 8 Hours

  • Performance Masterclass

  • Choreography

  • Group Dynamics 

  • Business and Brand development

Full day workshop programs can run 4-8h depending on the needs of the musician(s).  Typical programs involve the development of a final product or an improvement upon an existing product. The flexibility of this type of workshop is perfect for musicians who strive to take their performance to the next level. 

Objective: Help musicians bring their performance to the next level, both musically and visually. 


​An all-vocal, interactive show suited for all ages.


Sometimes, a concert can be the most effective way to raise interest for a cappella. With our show, we strive to spread the love of contemporary a cappella by performing original, innovative arrangements of pop songs and involving the crowd in rhythmic and harmonic participation. 

We hope to perform across the state and beyond to inspire and encourage vocal music to grow in all forms. 

Meet The Team

2022 Headshot - Molly_edited.jpg

Molly Dieni

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Molly Dieni is a seasoned musician, both vocally and as an instrumentalist (piano and guitar). She began performing and touring at the age of 8 and has been a part of the Alaskan music scene ever since. In Pipeline Vocal Project, she sings all parts, high and low, and is finding her love for being a Lady-Bass. Her versatility as a musician, with her range in vocal ability and instrumental skills, makes her a unique and multi-faceted entertainer.

2022 Headshot - Adri.jpg

Adriana Latonio

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Adriana is an award-winning performer and is most known for being in the Female Top 10 in Season 12 of American Idol. With experience in contemporary, musical theater and classical styles, not only is she a triple threat, but she is also a vocal coach who strives to share her joy and excitement for singing, performance, choreography, and more. Adriana's versatile skill set in vocal performance makes her a sought after coach and clinician. 

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Lisa Hawkins

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Lisa is a vocalist, arranger, vocal percussionist and director, who has performed/worked with various groups around the world. She has been a part all aspects of the a cappella industry, including 

performance, business and production for 8 years. Now she is back in Alaska as the Alaska Representative for the A Cappella Education Association. Her knowledge and experience makes her a rare and invaluable resource in Alaska.

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