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Pipeline Vocal Project, formed in 2019, has become a leader in Alaska's a cappella movement. In short, PVP's music brings a fresh new perspective and a renewed energy to well-known favorites. As a contemporary vocal trio, PVP seeks not only to inspire but to breathe new life into the vocal scene through education and performance in Alaska and beyond.


  • Voted Anchorage's Best New Band of 2020 

  • Finalists for American Voices Abroad - an international music exchange program hosted by the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

  • Grand Champions of The Great Alaska Talent Competition 2021

  • Headliners for the 2021 Los Angeles A Cappella Festival

  • Over 300K followers and 13+ million views across social media platforms

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Member Bios

Lisa Hawkins has been an active singer, arranger, choreographer and performer in the a cappella scene for 9 years. Lisa has toured around the world with various vocal groups, including Cape Harmony, Revel, Da Capo and now intends to continue her musical endeavors with Pipeline Vocal Project. Having been involved in all aspects of the a cappella industry, Lisa is now Alaska’s Representative for the A Cappella Education Association and is one of the founders of Alaskappella - a non-profit designed to build and support the Alaska vocal arts community. 

Adriana Latonio is an award-winning performer and is most known for being in the Female Top 10 in Season 12 of American Idol. With experience in contemporary, musical theater and classical styles on top of years of acting and dance experience, Adriana is a triple threat. When she is not performing she is also a vocal coach who strives to share her joy and excitement for singing, performance, choreography, and more.

Molly Dieni is a seasoned musician, both vocally and as an instrumentalist (piano and guitar). She began performing and touring at the age of 8 and has been a part of the Alaskan music scene ever since. In Pipeline Vocal Project, she sings all parts, high and low, and is finding her love for being a Lady-Bass. Her versatility as a musician, with her range in vocal ability and instrumental skills, makes her a unique and multi-faceted entertainer.

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Our Story

Pipeline Vocal Project was initially founded by Lisa Hawkins as a project to help cultivate the contemporary a cappella scene in Alaska, where contemporary vocal music had not made its way into the local culture quite yet. After spending some time facilitating workshops alone and working as a substitute teacher, Lisa came to the conclusion that the community needs a local performance group to pave the way and lead the movement for contemporary vocal music. She then started recruiting for her project in 2019 and found two strangers along the way, Adriana and Molly. 

In fall of 2019, Alaska was in political and economic turmoil, which prevented the local a cappella festival from bringing in a big-name act for the annual event. PVP received the call to headline the show as a local act, less than two months after forming, to put together a full length show. It was a daunting undertaking but PVP successfully headlined the show five weeks later.

The trio was in full swing by the new year and Pipeline took off.

Then Covid hit.

The Live music industry came to a complete halt and PVP had to adapt to the new world of virtual performance. While focusing their efforts on their social media presence, one of their videos went viral in the fall of 2020. Gaining more momentum than ever before, the virtual world has given them the opportunity to share their music with more people than they had ever thought possible. 

PVP's mission is to make the world a little smaller by connecting with as many people as possible through an art form that is a part of every culture in some shape or form, vocal music. "We believe music is communication and desire to use our music as a tool to bridge as many cultures and relationships as possible."





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